A trip down memory lane - at the American University of Beirut

Text and pictures by Salwa Ghaly

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Text and pictures



Photos of Beirut resurrected 

By Salwa Ghaly

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Salwa wrote: "I have finally managed to scan some photos I took in Beirut last summer;
they contrast the destruction caused by the long civil war and the
rebuilding that has been going on for a decade now.  They are moving and
inspiring, to say the least."

This series presents eighteen of her pictures, distributed in three batches, and you are invited to visit the picture one by one, clicking on the sign at the bottom of each board.

Batch A (01-06): go to >>>1    Batch B (07-12): go to>>>7     Batch C (13-18): go to>>>13


The Synagogue of Wadi Bujmil in Beirut

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One of the religious buildings in the rehabilitation area of downtown Beirut waiting for restauration.

Outdoor and indoor pictures by Salwa Ghaly.

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