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Letter from Wynnum - on Godfrey Miller

Topic intro

The Godfrey Miller-thread on the Hugen site started more than four years ago, and since then it has branched, made loops, faded and then brightened.

A letter from Ross Wilson in Wynnum, Queensland, Australia ten days ago (Jan 05) has brought new material and energy to the thread. Little by little I will try to present all this by a series of documents, and I will also try to organize comments and links related to Godfrey Miller.

19.01.2005 - E.K.


3rd June 2007, another piece of good news: This weekend I received a mail from Ross Wilson where he guided me to this article, where Godfrey Miller is a prominent part of the story:

In the Magazine Art New Zealand the article Memories of Three New Zealand Expatriate Painters by Ernest White is found on this URL:



And you are, like before, welcome to have a look at the documents listed below.

A brief summary by Peter Bellew

pamphlet written by Godfrey Miller

an abridged chronology

An information scetch, the painting Madonna - and a couple of links

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