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On the birdbox metaphor

An online step-by-step essay project

By Enok Kippersund


List of phases, box-by-box

box 1 (The list here)
box 2 On the nature of metaphors.
box 3 Contributions from generous cyber friends
box 4 Gem quote - Carl R. Rogers: On becoming a person 
box 5 The tiny titmouse bringing a reminder on what the metaphor is about
box 6 "At school we have been studying birds," Řystein told his mother, and she took down the story from his dictation.
box 7 The outside for the therapeut, the inside for the client
box 8 Metaphors have been a core element in philosophy since Aristoteles
box 9 Thong of the skin opening both eyes: What is the meaning of the metaphor?
box 10 The metaphor an authority - not a servile gown
box 11 Trying to count the babies. - Visiting home ground. 1
box 12 What you have tamed
box 13 Putting up scaffolding for next course
box 14 Bye-bye birdbox!
Gallery and notice board
gallery01 Bringing something up
gallery02 the crumb and a feathery guest
gallery03 Holkenok
gallery04 Birdboxes taken down for a winter rest
Fuglekassen The birdbox writing continued in Norwegian

Hugen - home