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Douglas Barbour and Sheila E. Murphy

talking about Collaboration

They started their talking like this:

Douglas Barbour: When I came to you in late 2000 to ask if you would be interested in working on a collaboration with me, it was partly because I knew you had done this sort of thing before. In fact, I knew of two collaborations with other writers, in a different manner with each one. Are there more? Could you tell us a bit about the writers you have collaborated with, what in their work led you to believe that a collaboration would be an interesting project, and what the results were? In our Continuations, we agreed on a more or less fixed format, and have bounced the ongoing process of poem construction back and forth over the (now) years. The other collaborations seem to me to be quite different. What I guess I’m interested in, to begin with, is what impulse led you into collaboration in the first place, and what do you feel about the results, both as process and as product, in those other collaborations?

Sheila E. Murphy: As with many artistic pursuits, the specific preceded the general in this case. I entered into collaboration in response to invitations by different writers over a period of several years. Finding the process quite natural and enjoyable, I felt these efforts worthy of pursuing on the basis of the interchange that can develop in the process and/or be shown in the result. I suppose it is of interest to say that some of my collaborations have taken place by post, and a few in person, but the majority have been done over the Internet. All three processes have their merits.

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